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In this phot Tommy Alchemy presents an old fashioned at our popular cocktail making class in Charleston, SC

Cocktail Classes

Come to our cocktail-making class! Tailored to all skill levels, this experience is top-ranked in Charleston, SC & NYC. Totaling over 1300 five-star reviews!

In this photo Tommy Alchemy teaches our customers about the history of craft cocktails

Beverage Catering

See some of the brands we have served, as well as the hundreds of 5-star reviews! Click the button below to see how we can make your next beverage catering experience memorable.

In this photo a group of bachorettes drink, laugh, and learn how to make craft cocktails.

Work With Us

See how Alchemix can help your bar or distillery thrive.

In this picture the famous Tommy Alchemy presents our most popular craft cocktail at our cocktail making class in Charleston, sc

Hospitality Centered

We only hire entertainers and those with the “hospitality gene”. Period. At Alchemix we believe that mixology skills can be trained, but hospitality interpersonal skills are harder to teach. This makes our hiring process more selective.

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