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Alchemix Cocktail Making Class Charleston

How we became the #1 experience in under a year

This is a picture of Alchemix's host tommy alchemy making an old fashioned at our cocktail making class charleston

Alchemix’s Cocktail Making Class Charleston: Overview

For those of you who have not attended our cocktail-making class Charleston experience, the class includes history, snacks, comedy, history, and of course cocktails! The reason we have maintained five-star reviews only is because of the experience we have created for the guests. At every cocktail-making class, we aim to make it educational, funny, and interactive.

Alchemix’s Values

Hospitality – providing an incredible experience for our guests is our top priority. Humility on our team is key. We sometimes refer to ourselves as white collar from the waist up, and blue collar from the waist down.

Authenticity – as digital spaces become more prominent, many brands are becoming more generic. At Alchemix we embrace what makes us unique and prioritize the importance of telling riveting stories in our cocktail-making classes. Expect to experience history, soul, and comedy at our class!

Openness – trust is extremely important for both our service and team operations. Nothing gets done unless we are fully open and honest with our team members and customers!

Hospitality Centered

At Alchemix we are highly selective in our hiring process. We only hire entertainers and those with the “hospitality gene”. Period. At Alchemix we believe that mixology skills can be trained, but hospitality interpersonal skills are harder to teach. This makes our hiring process more selective.

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