Meet Our Dedicated Hospitality Team

About Us

Alchemix specializes in cocktail-making classes and caters craft cocktails to events.

Since our establishment in 2019, over 2000 individuals have participated in our five-star cocktail classes with over 1100 reviews.

Additionally, we have curated cocktails for prominent brands such as Meta, Roku, and Oracle, and have organized private cocktail classes for companies like Purell and Meta.

Tommy Paul the founder of Alchemix presents a famous cocktail in our cocktail making class in Charleston, SC

Tommy Alchemy

Death & Co Trained – top 25 bars in the world. Our founder has over 10 years of experience behind the bar!

In addition to his extensive knowledge of cocktail history, his witty attitude makes him an excellent host for our Charleston, SC Cocktail Making Class.

In this photo Dominic Bonadeo pours an old fashioned at our cocktail making class in New York City

Dominic Bonadeo

Death & Co Trained Mixologist with over 8 years of experience behind the bar. In addition to his skills behind the bar, Dominic is an entertainer. His ability to make people laugh and tell a story makes him an excellent host for our cocktail-making class in NYC.

This photo displays Danny Nova who is the head of making for Alchemix

Danny Nova

4+ years of hospitality and sales experience. Danny’s extensive knowledge of systems and behind-the-scenes work makes him an awful person to be around. Luckily, your only interactions with Danny will happen over the phone and not in person. (Danny wrote this)

Our Values

Guiding principles that shape our craft and service


Providing an incredible experience for our guests is our top priority. Humility on our team is key. We sometimes refer to ourselves as white collar from the waist up, and blue collar from the waist down.


As artificial intelligence becomes more prominent, many brands are becoming more generic. At Alchemix we embrace what makes us unique and prioritize the importance of telling riveting stories in our cocktail-making classes. Expect to experience history, soul, and comedy at our class!


Trust is extremely important for both our service and team operations. Nothing gets done unless we are fully open and honest with our team members and customers!

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