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Whether you are a weekend expert or a seasoned mixologist, this tutorial on making a brandy smash cocktail is for you!

Total Time: 10 minutes

Brandy Smash Introduction

The Brandy Smash cocktail is a classic. Featuring a mix of mint, sugar, water, and brandy, typically served over crushed ice in a rocks glass and garnished with a sprig of mint. It’s a versatile drink with variations like substituting brandy with whiskey or using different sweeteners like agave syrup or honey. For a unique twist, add herbs like lemon balm or basil, or incorporate seasonal fruits such as berries for added flavor. The drink pairs well with spicy dishes, grilled meats, and chocolate desserts, making it suitable for various dining occasions and seasons.

History Of The Brandy Smash

Tommy Alchemy pouring a brandy smash cocktail

The Brandy Smash is a classic cocktail that dates back to the 1830s, becoming particularly popular during the Civil War. It’s part of the “smash” family of cocktails, akin to the Mint Julep, and is made by enhancing a shot of liquor with simple, complementary flavors. Originally, these drinks did not include soda; however, modern versions sometimes do. The Brandy Smash is characterized by its simplicity, combining mint, sugar, and brandy, typically served over ice and garnished with fresh mint and other optional fruits. I am Thirsty just thinking about the brandy smash cocktail!


– Fresh mint leaves (about 6-8)
– 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar
– A splash of water
– 2 oz of quality brandy
– Crushed ice
– Mint spring for garnish

Brandy Smash Cocktail Recipe

1. Muddle Mint with Sugar and Water: In a mixing glass, gently muddle the mint with sugar and a splash of water to release the mint’s essential oils.
2. Add Brandy and Ice: Pour in the brandy and fill the glass with crushed ice, stirring well to chill and combine the flavors.
3. Strain and Serve: Strain the mixture into a rock glass filled with fresh crushed ice and garnish with a mint spring.

Pro Tips

Displays Tommy Alchemy pouring the brandy smash cocktail through a strainer

– Swap out the plash of water and sugar for 1 oz of Alchemix’s Matcha Lime Syrup
– Choose a high-quality brandy for the best flavor.
– Gently muddle the mint to avoid bitterness.
– Chill your glass beforehand for an extra refreshing cocktail.

Variations to Try

– Apple Brandy Smash: Use apple brandy and a dash of apple cider for a fruity twist.
– Spiced Brandy Smash: Add a cinnamon stick and a few dashes of bitters for a warm, spiced version.
– Berry Brandy Smash: Muddle fresh berries in the mix for a sweet, summery flavor.

Brandy Smash FAQ’s

Here are some common FAQs about the Brandy Smash cocktail and cocktail recipes in general:

What type of brandy is best for a Brandy Smash?
Opt for a quality brandy that fits your budget. Cognac or a good American brandy can enhance the drink’s flavor.

Can I use other sweeteners instead of superfine sugar?
– Yes, you can substitute superfine sugar with other sweeteners like simple syrup or honey. Adjust the quantity to taste.

Is it possible to make a non-alcoholic version of a Brandy Smash?
Absolutely! Replace the brandy with a non-alcoholic spirit or increase the club soda and add a bit more sugar to balance it out.

How do I choose mint leaves for cocktails?
Always look for fresh, vibrant green mint leaves without any brown spots or wilting to ensure the freshest taste.

What are some variations of the Brandy Smash?
Experiment with different fruits like berries or citrus, or add flavored syrups to create unique variations of the classic cocktail.
These FAQs should help you navigate the basics and allow for some creativity with your Brandy Smash and other cocktails!

Estimated Cost: 10 USD


  • 6-8 Fresh mint leaves
  • 1 teaspoon of superfine sugar (or simple syrup as an alternative)
  • Splash of water or Club soda
  • 2 oz of Brandy
  • Hand-full of Ice cubes or cracked ice


  • Old-fashioned Glass
  • Muddler
  • Stirrer

Materials: Fresh mint leaves Superfine sugar or simple syrup Club soda Brandy Ice cubes or cracked ice Garnishes: an orange slice, a maraschino cherry, and a mint sprig

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